Since its establishment, the Institute has been the seat of the Yugoslav Scientific Pomological Society. Apart from other activities, in 1967 the society began to publish the journal Jugoslovensko voćarstvo (Journal of Yugoslav Pomology).

The first Editor-in-Chief was the engineer Milisav Gavrilović, while the function of the technical editor was done by Dr. Asen Stančević. Members of the first editorial board of the Journal of Yugoslav Pomology were: Eng. Milisav Gavrilovic (Čačak), Dr. Petar Mišić (Čačak), Dragoljub Slović (Novi Sad), Dr. Asen Stančević (Čačak) and Dr. Dušan Stanković (Belgrade).

Over the years, the society changed its name to Scientific Pomological Society of Serbia and Montenegro, and after that, to its present name, Scientific Pomological Society of Serbia. Since 2005, by decision of the Scientific Assembly of the Society, the journal has changed its name to Voćarstvo (Journal of Pomology).

The President of the Scientific Pomological Society of Serbia is Prof. Dr. Dejan Đurović (Faculty of Agriculture, Zemun).
The secretary of the Society and Editor-in-Chief of the journal of Pomology is Dr. Ivana Glišić (Fruit Research Institute, Čačak).
The technical editor and proofreader is Dr. Tatjana Vujović (Fruit Research Institute, Čačak).